Sex Ed: Then and Now

I initially learned about sex at the age of seven from reading a book called “A Boy’s Sex Life” written by a Catholic priest.

(waits for laughter to subside. NO SERIOUSLY YOU CAN STOP LAUGHING NOW)

Back in the seventies my little hometown in New Jersey made quite a stir in the Roman Catholic Church when Father William Bausch was hired to pastor the local Catholic church after the previous pastor’s death. Father Bausch, with sparkling blue eyes and a merry sense of humor, was quite liberal in his beliefs as well as a compelling writer. It was he who wrote “A Boy’s Sex Life,” which caused a major uproar mainly because he opined that masturbation was not the certain road to hell that the church had been claiming for nearly two thousand years. It wasn’t a perfect book—very little attention was paid to women’s pleasure in sex—but it was a fairly honest book nonetheless.

A few years later Father Bausch caused more stir by authorizing sex ed classes for sixth graders. I was in the second class, and while the lay instructors tended to steer the conversations away from such Catholic bugaboos like premarital sex and birth control again there was a fair bit of honesty. “Boys,” I remember our male instructor intoning, “you will not die if you don’t have sex. Girls, if you’re told this offer to pay for the funeral.”

Like a lot of younger siblings I’d stumbled across my brother’s stash of Penthouse magazines, and I can tell you that compared to today the “Forum” letters were outrageous; you wouldn’t see bestiality stories now. I read everything when I was a kid, including stuff like Jacqueline Susann and Sidney Sheldon novels and the bodice-ripping historical romances that came into vogue in the mid-seventies. Those books were my first clue that there was something in sex for women other than kids, but the pleasure always came courtesy of the Mighty Penis. My mother died when I was twelve, when the mother/daughter relationship is starting to shift into how it will ostensibly be when the daughter is an adult. We never really discussed sex but on the rare occasions that we did, mainly about menstruation, she was always honest with me. I like to think that she would have continued to be so had she lived. Then again, had she not died my father wouldn’t have dared start a home videotape delivery business, buying his inventory from a company whose initial shipment of a hundred tapes consisted of about 40% porn. When I was fifteen I learned how to masturbate courtesy of the classic film Debbie Does Dallas. I’d experimented with masturbation a little bit but kind of ham-handedly. There was a scene in the film where a woman masturbated watching another woman have sex with her husband, and instead of going on top of her clitoris she went to the left of it. Intrigued, I tried it … and all I can say is thankfully I was alone in the house because OH YEAH DID THAT WORK. Still does, heh heh.

Unfortunately young women have been given the shaft, literally and figuratively, for millennia when it comes to sex education. Ever-pervasive religion of pretty much every sort puts women in the “you are a vessel” category, there only to serve men’s needs, denying that we might have needs of our own. We are told how to please men, but not how to tell men to please us. We are told to put our men and our children’s lives over our own; society applauds the brave woman with cancer who puts off treatment to give birth or who finally gets that baby after seven IVF tries. If a woman wants anything other than a husband and children—or, just maybe, pleasure during sex—she is branded as selfish, a slut, a whore, unnatural. Thanks to the Internet the misogynists have really come out to play. While I was writing about Debbie Does Dallas out of curiosity I Googled “seventies porn ads.” With some poking around I found the worst term used towards women in the ads was “broads.” These days? “Cum-guzzling sluts eager to swallow your load!” “Hungry bitches ready for your cock!” “Nasty cunts who take it in the ass and beg for more!” I’m not saying women weren’t exploited in the seventies and eighties, but at least they weren’t called names–in public, anyway.

Thankfully, the Internet also offers a platform for the truth, which brings me to Scarleteen.

I first came across Scarleteen a few years ago and immediately fell in love with it—because it was honest. It embraces every choice a teenager can make—straight, homosexual, omnisexual–without judgment and is super medically accurate. It advises frank talk and actions from safe sex to masturbatory techniques without any of the mainstream media’s bullshit or spin or political correctness. You will not see terms like “va-jay-jay” there. If you are a parent and aren’t comfortable with talking about sex with your kids, the best thing you can do for them is send them over to Scarleteen. Hell, even if you are comfortable with talking about sex with your kids send them to Scarleteen. Read it yourself, you might learn something. With INS I’ve striven to present the truth about abortion without judgment. Heather Corinna goes about five hundred steps ahead of me with sex and Scarleteen and she does it on next to no cash, which makes it even more amazing. I don’t ask INS readers to pony up money very often, but please try to throw a few bucks Scarleteen’s way. It is a truly valuable resource and any help to keep it available to kids, especially this generation, bombarded with conflicting messages all over the place, will be gratefully appreciated. If one gender-bending kid breathes a sigh of relief knowing that there are others; if one teenage boy realizes that it’s okay to be a virgin; if one teenage girl learns that there’s nothing wrong with her if she doesn’t come solely through intercourse, that’s one more sexually healthy human being on the planet. Thank you, Heather, and SCARLETEEN RULES!

Donate to Scarleteen!

34 comments to Sex Ed: Then and Now

  • Robin

    Interesting post, Patricia!! It is interesting, isn’t it, how women have, as you say, been “given the shaft.” Your point packs a wallop of truth, a lot of it due to the church. It makes me grateful that I live in an era, where, I can be a Christian and still feel like I’m supported by a good portion of people who believe as I do that sex is for pleasure, for BOTH men and women. There’s a whole book of the bible dedicated to it, Song of Songs!! I think it is important to have open and honest discussions about this subject, because hopefully that will lead to more accurate information being put out there. And if one of my kids turned out to be gay, or something I didn’t agree with I’d want them to still be able to come to me and get my full love and acceptance, even if I don’t agree with some choices they make.

  • Emie

    Hey Patricia, great post! That is so true, and you see so many movies where during a sex scene, the woman gives the man fellatio but you seldom see a movie where the man gives the women cunniligus. I think I’ve seen maybe two films that actually showed the man going down on a woman, but it’s not as often as the other way around. It’s unfair like you said, how people dismiss a women’s needs.

    By the way, I actually have a question if you don’t mind. I was browsing throughout your blog on here and there was an entry about how some men and women don’t want to take responsibility for the children they have. I would have asked you on that entry but the discussions said it was closed. Anyway you talked about how a woman you knew didn’t want her kid and you called her the “womb donor”. Well I’m not particularly bright when it comes to biology so correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t she actually be called the EGG donor instead? Since it takes the male sperm and the female egg to create an offspring.

    • I'm Not Sorry

      Actually she would be both in this case, since an embryo made by a man and a woman can be implanted into another woman.

      The one movie I remember where cunnilingus played a big role was “Monster’s Ball.” There’s a scene towards the end where Billy Bob Thornton’s character is obviously going down on Halle Berry’s character although all you see is her face.

      • June

        If an embryo can be re-implanted into someone else, shouldn’t that give women wanting abortions a better alternative than abo, or adoption? I didn’t think that was possible, unless you’re talking about in-vitro not taking an embryo out of someones womb and putting it into someone elses.
        It just sucks that so many women have to make that choice, I’m undecided on abortion myself, came to this site to read up on the issue. Personally I wouldn’t do it, but thats because I’m open to having kids and I know I can make enough money to support another one on my own. Other women don’t have the option I do because there aren’t that many good jobs out there and they may not be ready for parenthood.
        Trying to make up my mind on the issue since I don’t see how it being legal has anything to do with the people who oppose it so strongly, there are wars and people starving so I don’t understand why preventing an abortion would be someone’s top priority.
        The only real problem I have with abortions is the idea that someone else may be making a decision for the woman, the idea that someone unsure is being prodded into getting one so a doctor or clinic can make money. That seems sick, do you know if there is an economic incentive for anyone to increase abortion rates? I went to planned parenthood just to get a pregnancy test so I could get medicaid and have my child healthily, the doctor came back with positive, which I already knew, and started asking what I was thinking to do with it. The way the conversation was going I was a little offended that he thought I needed help with the decision. Even now my daughters doctors and other parents who see me with my daughter assume I’m a slut and irresponsible and unable to care for my daughter. I don’t know if it’s her mixed heritage or because I’m young but there are a lot of snarky remarks. Even the christian center that was supposed to help me with pregnancy and caring for a baby automatically assumed I wanted and abortion, and then tried to talk me out of raising her myself, pushing me towards adoption. We live in the most unhelpful society and I wish there was more support for other young girls so that they can make a decision without having to factor in finances or if they can finish school. Im finishing my bachelors in engineering now, but most girls who have children early HAVE TO work at strip clubs or some shitty job that barely pays for daycare or get a boyfriend for financial reasons. I just want to know (because I’m leaning pro-choice) that the choice a woman or a young woman makes to have an abortion is really their own.

  • r43tu89u89u89

    I love your site! Especially with how you can be so frank about masturbation; it’s sad that we live in a society that still negatively stigmatizes sex as something to be ashamed of. It’s really sad that a woman like Joycelyn Elders could have been fired simply for suggesting that we teach that masturbation is normal…

    Keep up the good fight against religious nutjobs and anti-choice hypocrites!

  • Robin


    Read my comment above and the ones I did in Boogedy! (Older posts) and then tell me what a “religious nutjob” and “anti-choice hypocrite” I am and back it up!!

  • Emie

    Well Robin, reading your other posts, you are kind of a hypocrite. If your the same Robin that commented on “You’ll excuse me if I go WTF”, then I’ll say that right now. You previously stated that you respect a women’s choice, EXCEPT abortion? Uh, abortion IS apart of choice. All women should have the right to choose anything they want INCLUDING abortion. That’s what being pro-choice is all about! Respecting a woman to make any decision she wants no matter what it is.

    You also stated that abortion should never happen because it’s preventable. Well it’s been said on here many times, contraception is STILL not 100% effective no matter what kind it is. I have had friends tell me that they were either double or even TRIPLE protected. One friend was on the pill, and using the patch, AND her boyfriend was using a condom all at the same time, she NEVER missed a day, she used all of her contraceptives everyday. And guess what… she got pregnant! Besides a large number of women who have abortions use contraceptions, probably the majority. That’s the thing that annoys me, when some people think abortions are only done on women who were not responsible when in fact most of them WERE being responsible! Abortion was just their next alternative.

    Hey, if you don’t like abortion and you personally don’t want to have one, that’s fine and we don’t care. But just don’t try to come up with ideas of what kind of women you think only have abortions, when you don’t know the whole story. Abortion should always be open as a choice. And if a woman wants one, she should have the right to one.

    • Robin

      Emie, gotta give you kudos for at least trying to “back it up” when the other person didnt. I am the Robin that commented on “you’ll excuse me if I go WTF?” and I do support all choices except abortion. The reason is that abortion is the taking of an innocent human life. You said “all women should have the right to choose anything they want, including abortion. That’s part of being pro-choice. Well sweetie if you’d read my other posts more thoroughtly, I’M. NOT. PRO-CHOICE. Kay? So, uh, yeah, YOU’RE pro-choice, and you agree that abortion should be an option. Doesnt mean I feel the same way. At the time of conception, the zygote has its own DNA, with the “data” (dont’ know if that’s the correct term) in place to determine things such as physical charicteristics, sex, personality, etc. So I don’t see how a zygote is any less of a human than a newborn, or any other person, and as a subsequent result, any less deserving of a right to life.

      I realize that not every form of birth control, is 100% effective, (including sterilization, Patricia) but the abortion rate is sickenly high compared to the claims that are made about the effectiveness of birth control. According to the National Abortion Federation by the 35% of women will have had an abortion by the age of 35, adn furthermore states that 50% were using birth control, and some were using the birth control improperly, or neglected to use contraception on the occasion they conceived. Not exactly a majority, Emie, unless the NAF isnt using accurate info. I’d like to assume they are. Isn’t the pill supposed to be 99.9% effective? It’s true that not all women use birth control correctly, but that’s their fault. If you’re going to have sex, and you’re not ready for parenthood, you are obligated to educate yourself. You’d think that popping a pill would be easier than having a vaccum aspirator stuck up there anyway. And the pill is only one example. So the only conclusions I can come to are either

      A) Birth Control isnt as effective as we’d all been made to think
      B) There are a lot of women (though men need to be responsible too) being irresponsible about birth control

      I never claimed to know the whole story, but there isnt justification for taking an innocent human life. There are other options out there. I’ve heard people make the case against adoption that “well I cant get attached like that and then have to give up a baby” but if that’s the case, you dont have a “clump of cells” or a “blob of tissue,” you have a child. (I think of zygotes, embryos, fetuses, and babies as all children in varied states of development). I mean, the Duggars had their last baby at 25 least in California you can obtain an abortion, electively , up to 24 weeks. Where do you think the cut off should be Emie? When I asked Planned Parenthood they cited the law….well something being legal doesn’t make it right (slavery is one example.) Many pro-choicers disagree with elective late-term abortions, but my question is aside from being smaller and less developed, and the procedure itself having more complications, what’s the difference? what makes an older fetus more deserving of life than a smaller one?

      You also stated “If you don’t like abortion, and you personally don’t want to have one, that’s fine and we don’t care.” No, I don’t like it, and I don’t want to have one. But that statement, to someone like me, (because I think of abortion as the taking of an innocent life) that’s like saying, if you dont want to shoot your neighbor that you don’t like, and you don’t personally want to make that choice, fine”. If I feel that something is immoral and wrong, I have a right to say so. It’s not like unborn children can speak up for themselves. That being said, more support and less judgement needs to be given to women with crisis/unplanned pregnancies, and pro-lifers and pro-choicers should work together instead of snarking at each other and pointing fingers. I debate here because I think pro-choicers care just as much about babies and children as me, but they see abortion differently, vice versa for pro-lifers. If we can find ways to work together (and that HAS happened) maybe more would be accomplished.

  • Robin

    I meant by the age of 35. Sorry

  • Val

    I’m a high school senior, and I’m doing a research project on abortion. I’d love to interview some women who have gone through abortions. It doesn’t matter how old you currently are, or how long ago you had the abortion – it could have been years ago, or just yesterday.

    If you think you have the time and are comfortable enough to openly answer a few of my questions, please contact me! Post an answer here, with some sort of way to contact you.

    My email is lightlink22(at)gmail(dot)com, if you want to go through that method.

    Thank you very much in advance!

  • Robin

    Make sure to get coments from women who regret their abortions as well as those who don’t. That way it’s balanced.

  • Copper

    Robin, I have a psychiatric disorder that, among other things, predisposes me to postpartum depression. I am on medication for this (and hormonal birth control, thanks very much for asking), but if I carried a child to term while taking my medication that child would be very likely to:

    a.) have medically significant birth defects (making its chances of getting adopted extremely slim), and

    b.) go through withdrawls only slightly better than those experienced by babies whose mothers use illegal drugs while pregnant.

    Whereas if I went off my medication abruptly–as I would have to if my birth control unexpectedly failed and I decided to go through with the pregnancy, to avoid harm to the fetus–I would spend most of the pregnancy sitting in my bedroom crying. I’ve tried to stop taking my meds before, when I was younger and not as bright, and it came second only to the eight years before I was diagnosed with this condition as the worst experience of my life. I can’t imagine the hormonal maelstrom that is pregnancy would help much. Sorry, but I’m not putting myself at risk of suicide for a child I’ve never met.

    Now, I sincerely doubt this will actually happen, as I’m religious (if you’ll pardon the expression) about taking my birth control and rarely have sex anyway. But if it does, I assume I can count on you to find a home for my defective, drug-addicted baby? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

    • Robin

      I am sorry for your psychiatric condition. It’s good that you are taking the necessary precautions to prevent pregnancy. You ask if you can count on me to find a home for your “defective, drug addicted baby?” Well…

      a) Hate to break it to you sweetness, but the way to get a baby adopted is through an ADOPTION AGENCY. I am not one of those, I do NOT work for one, and it’s not my responsibility. Kay? Get it now? Good!

      b) just because your baby might be “defective” (which, btw, is a cruel way to refer to an innocent child, ESPECIALLY a baby) doesn’t mean he/she isn’t human and deserving of a right to live.

      Way to be snarky, btw. So much for the concept of friendly debate.

      • Loren

        That was helpful, Robin. You just convinced me to have an abortion.

        • Robin

          If that was meant to make me have a guilt trip, too bad, loren. It didn’t work. I have done NOTHING but go out of my way to be nice on this blog and have recieved much more snarkiness and nastiness in return than nice comments. If you choose to walk into an abortion clinic and take an innocent human life as a result of comments from someone you’ve never met, you are either:
          A)a troll
          B)not operating with a full deck
          C)an incredibly immature, self-centered person whose main focus in life is “me,me, me.”

          DO. NOT. try and put the blame on me for your selfishness and stupidity. Put your big girl panites on and own up to your own shit.

      • June

        The right to live is great and all, but what about the kids who have to grow up in foster care or with shitty parents or neglected when their parents are too busy working their whole damn lives to support too many kids?
        I’m bringing up all these scenarios because I’ve seen those kids grow up around me, and go nuts, or kill themselves, or become a homeless drug addicted prostitute whose still popping out babies that go straight into a group home.
        I tried really hard after highschool to help out some of those people but all they do is use and abuse. Fighting to keep those kids alive without giving them a decent quality of life and upbringing isn’t fair to them either, not that all would have wound up in situations like that, but I’m starting to lose faith in people and believe the vast majority are simply a product of their upbringing. It’s not fair to bring more people into the world than it can reasonably support. On the other hand most children who are adopted at birth wind up doing a lot better than the ones who’s parents can’t handle them and wind up in care later, and there’s a high demand for babies, even special needs, so playing devils advocate with myself Robin might actually be right about that baby’s right to life so long as its birth mother immediately finds a good home for it.
        Again I think more attention should be given to the already living than a what someone else does with their fertilized egg. It’s cruel to both the mother and child to continue a pregnancy in that situation, so I can understand choosing an abortion, how could you knowingly subject a fetus to something harmful, how can you risk your own life for one that’s not here yet?

    • June

      I’m sorry for your experience with depression,thank you for sharing your story with us. My parents are very religious and closed minded, as is my sister. Situations like these prove there is a legitimate place for abortions.
      What I don’t understand about the debate still, is why both sides can’t advocate for better access to birth control, better sex education, (mine advocated abstinence only and didn’t bother to mention that if you’re raped you haven’t made the choice to have sex yet and it doesn’t ruin you) and aids to reduce the abortion rate by helping young women prevent pregnancy and rape. I’m sure no one plans to have an abortion someday, it’s just a fall back, why can’t both sides agree to trying to treat the underlying problems?

  • XYZ

    Robin should simply be ignored. Stop wasting ur time replying to her. Every forum, every blog has its trolls (not to say complete idiots), theres no other way. Dear Robin, eugenics is for u too, u know…

    • Robin

      xyz, is that because you can’t stand the fact that someone with an opposite point of view might actually have some valid points? I’m not a troll, I’m not an idiot, I am a person who happens to think that women should have every reproductive option available to her with the exception of ‘contraceptives’ that prevent implantation (this is due to when I think life begins and how methods such as iud, plan b, and similar methods work). I have made the point ABUNDANTLY clear that the only choice I do not support is abortion, and why.

      You say, “eugenics is for me too?” Eugenics is NOT something to be proud of, unless you are racist and want to make it known to the world and be proud of that. So if what you’re saying is true, then only certain races should have kids???? That makes you pretty pathetic in that case…..

      Or maybe YOU ~GASP~!!! are the troll! Not to mention an idiot and jackass to boot….

      • XYZ

        Mother Nature is the best and most famous eugenicist, u idiot, in case u didnt notice. Keep ranting, I for one am not going to pay attention to u.

        • Robin

          I dont give a rats ass whether you pay attention to me or not, xyz. You don’t know me, so you have NO RIGHT to judge me. I have tried not to judge people who feel differently than I do on this issue. When I am being snarked at and getting rude replies for what I feel are undeserved reasons though, makes it pretty damn hard not to be snarky back. If I have, I’m sorry. I don’t appreciate being called an idiot though. You mention “Mother Nature is the best and most famous eugencist, you idiot?” Well, some of us don’t think other people should get to decide who lives and who dies. Kay?

          I chose to participate in this blog because I realized after coming across it that I didn’t understand (beyond chants and sayings you see on bumper stickers) why pro-choicers look at abortion so much differently than I do. I chose to participate in this blog, because like the former abortionist who used to run a Planned Parenthood made a point of, is there are WONDERFUL people on the other side of the abortion debate who have the best intentions and we have a lot to learn from each other. But snarking at each other isn’t the way to do it.

          What issue is it that you have, xyz with being NICE to people on the other side?? If you dont have a good reason, then you truly are an asshole. I really hope you’re not. But if you are, take your idiotic comments and SHOVE THEM UP YOUR ASS! :D

  • Emie

    Hey, Patricia slightly off topic, but did you hear about the “controversial” interview with Justin Bieber talking about politics and abortion. Yeah, he’s just a sheltered teenager but still it was pretty disturbing. *shudders*

    • I'm Not Sorry

      Yes, I did. Remember, no one is more self-righteous than a teenager who hasn’t had to hit a bump in life. And his singing is godawful–one of my 10-year-old nieces adores him but I could only take about twenty seconds of that autotuned crap. But I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of backlash from the interview because of the anti-America stuff. Thank Cthulhu little girls are fickle.

      • Emie

        No kidding! His music is pretty bad in my opinion. I have unfortunately heard some of his music and let’s just say my gag reflects were in good working order. Also another reason why I wanted to bring it up on here was not only were his comments about abortion and rape very distressing, but also because there is no doubt in my mind that at least one young girl who is a big fan of Bieber has been sexually abused. And to hear him say all that, just gives this idea in her mind that what happened to her was “okay”. Well of course it’s NOT okay at all!! But the fact remains that so many young girls are pretty much influenced by what he says because they look up to him. And he’s feeding them this crap, it’s just disgusting to me. But like you said, young children are quite fickle so I guess that’s a good thing, but it’s still bothersome you know?

  • XYZ

    Get over this Bieber topic. He’s nothing but another talentless puppet. If he had been told to defend gay ppl, he would have said it. If he had been told to bash Blacks or Muslims, he would have said it. I doubt he really understands whats going on with his life, mind u he’s barely a 17 yo kid, basically out of nowhere, with zero talent and zero knowledge about life, suddenly famous… Go figure…

  • Robin

    No I’m not an “attention whore” I’m a person trying to understand the pro-choice point of view. Also I enjoy friendly debate. What, may I ask, is so wrong with that? Other than your comment about nature being a Eugenicist-(which when I researched the topic further I could find nothing on about nature being involved) you havent stated your point of view in response to anything I’ve said. You’ve only thrown out insults. I daresay that I would think that trying to understand and appreciate someone’s point of view other than my own would be a desirable thing.

    Just answer this, xyz…do you think that anyone who comes on this site and comments from a pro-life point of view is a troll, idiot and attention whore? Or can you give reasons beyond insults for feeling the way you do?

  • I am a long time member here. Patricia can attest to this.I have been abscent for a while,but coming back I still see the vitriol the malice against women by women in this matter.
    I am and allways have been pro-choice as a matter of personal rights women are entitled to.I am not particularly religious in nature which puts me outside of the religious arguements.{I know what that will entail}
    What I see here is just more re-runs of what I have seen here for over a decade the only change is the names of those posting here.
    You all have valid arguements to propose. I hate to see a person villified for a personal belief they vervently beleive in. I hate to see someone labled as a whore no matter what side she presents here.
    I hate to see women who have fervent beliefs,on one side,or another attacked as being a whore,or stupid,or misinformed. Don’t you get enough of that from many stupid persons of my genre? Do not mimic the stupidity of males here.
    As I said,I am pro-choice and will allways be so.{By the way..Please re-elect Obama in the next election. He is the best choice for women in protecting them against the war against women} No! That was not a paid political announcement. It is a matter or women continuing to hsve a choice in their lives.
    I have a beautifull 2 year old neice that I love and enjoy each new experience with her.I love children in all their innocence.I would love to see all children grow up protected and nurtured.
    However,We do not live in Camalot designed by male architects.
    Women of all ages face various degrees of determinations that focus on their immediate circumstances and as such,they MUST have a choice to make in regards to those.It is not up to the powers that be,but to that singular person. A woman MUST have a choice or she is not a human to begin with in regards to the law of the land.

  • Anonychick

    Robin, you might not realise it but at the same time as you talk about people needing not to be snarky, you’re coming across as snarky. And I thought you were quite rude to the lady with the psychiatric illness as well. She is likely sensitive enough, and, there is no need to judge her, whether you agree with abortion or not. Everyone has their own lives and makes decisions in those circumstances, and so even the bible has a word of wisdom on this “judge not lest ye be judged”

    As for the eugenicist/nature comment, I suppose you have noticed that in nature, animals that are too sickly or ‘defective’ to mature into independent adult forms generally die off before reproducing. This, over the long term, can mean that animals with that illness or defect are no longer born (nature’s eugenics). However, so many things can happen, even randomly, which mean that it is possible that something will go wrong. Perhaps a miscopied gene or chromosone, so nature almost always kills off some of the young and sick.

    With humans this used to be the same story however, recently, and I mean very recently (try the last 20 years) these kids could survive without being thrown into an asylum or some real eugenicist trying to kill them off, sterilise their mother, and so on. This is not because of abortion, it’s because of advances in medicine. We now know that down’s syndrome for example, is a random double copy of chromosome 13 and basically a woman with downs has a chance of NOT having a child with downs, but it’s imperfect, anyway, the point is sterilising her or her mother was not going to prevent downs. And we also have enough knowledge of psych etc to help this person function in society, so ultimately, we don’t kill them anymore. Unless we have an abortion (which has sometimes be recommended as downs does haveserious medical complications that cause suffering to the individual)or we don’t support disability services. Hmm, where’s the support for disability services? None. These people are actually exploited routinely.

    But that said there are some illnesses that are short and brutal. Some babies are born with extremely painful, presently incurable (but testable) illnesses that mean they will be dead by three. These kids will never enjoy anything. Not even their mother’s warmth. It is literally hell. Is it really fair to those kids to say, ok, your mum can’t abort you before hand? Do we allow living kids to suffer when it can be prevented? Of course we do, as most kids live in desperate poverty. But I mean rich white kids, the answer is, no we don’t. We jump and down about health care and such. But these kids I talk of, guaranteed to die and ONLY suffer. How is that fair?

    Nature saw to that. Being the eugenicist.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttttt

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